One of the most asked questions by NGOs is: How often should our organization post on social media? In truth, there’s no correct answer that applies to all NGOs because there are so many variables that affect engagement. Algorithms vary by country, by the size of your following, by how often your NGO has posted in the past, and by the types of content that your NGO has to share on social media.

The best way to know how often to post is to study your analytics, however, knowing how often NGOs post and using that data as benchmarks can also help. Below is the posting frequency of 5,352 NGOs from 164 countries. For more data about how NGOs use social media, download the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report.


How Often NGOs Post on Facebook


How Often NGOs Tweet


How Often NGOs Post on LinkedIn


How Often NGOs Share on Instagram


Social Media Used by NGOs